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Why Choose Our Caravan and Camping Solutions?

We deliver quality products designed for the Australian adventure

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The fastest caravan internet systems on the market

The VanConnect 5G is the fastest Caravan WiFi solution for your home away from home. The VanConnect 5G incorporates the latest advancements in 5G technology, giving you lightning fast internet with a superb reception range.

And our VanConnect 4G comes with true Telstra 4GX and Optus 4G+. It is the only 4G caravan internet router on the market that incorporates LTE-ADVANCED, meaning twice as fast 4G internet compared to the competition. An absolute must for connecting on the road, online streaming and downloading.

Our superior omni directional antennas provide a stronger connection to your Telstra, Optus or Vodafone mobile network to give you internet access where the competition is unable to connect. The VanConnect units are also a media streaming device. Connect any USB storage device and stream High Definition movies or music to multiple devices.

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Our Starlink Integration Kit allows you to operate your Starlink Dish directly from the 12V battery system, ensuring reliable and consistent connectivity even in the most remote locations. The Starlink Integration Kit removes the requirement to run an inverter to power the Starlink System and significantly reduces the total power usage, allowing you to stay off grid for longer.

The Add On Kit links the Starlink dish to the VanConnect system and this allows you to choose between 4G/5G or Starlink, achieving the best of both worlds.

The VanConnect system can also be expanded with our Add On Kits


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Take the hard work out of getting a TV signal

The cowfish VanTenna is the next generation in caravan TV antennas. This antenna provides you with TV reception from every angle, regardless of the direction your Caravan or Motorhome is parked in. No need to wind up an antenna and attempt to point it towards a broadcasting tower, only to find out that you can’t get half the channels due to poor signal strength. No need to wind it down in bad weather or storms and no breaking of the antenna when travelling over corrugated roads as there are no hinges or moving parts. Simply turn the unit on and scan for TV channels on your TV. The VanTenna does all the work for you.

The VanTenna is an omni-directional TV antenna specifically designed to be compatible with HDTV signal in Australia (DVB-T). The VanTenna has a unique design, allowing it to receive both horizontal and vertical polarised television signal. At only 30cm high, the VanTenna is the same height as most caravan air-conditioning units and it also comes with a built in high gain and low noise amplifier. This amplifier has a highly advanced 3G/4G/5G filter to provide clean, super low noise HD picture and sound quality. The VanTenna enables you to receive more free local TV channels with an enhanced reception range and provides better quality signal over conventional caravan TV antennas.

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Caravan and Camping Technology Solutions

Cowfish is a distinguished company, offering customers a collection of quality products at unbeatable prices. We’ve worked hard designing our products for the Australian Caravan and Camping market to give you the best electronics for on the road.

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