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The only 12 volt Caravan WiFi system that offers true 4G data speeds through LTE Advanced

The VanConnect comes with true Telstra 4GX and Optus 4G+ at 300Mb/s and it is the only 12 volt WiFi router on the market that incorporates LTE-ADVANCED. This means twice as fast mobile data speeds compared to the competition, an absolute must for connecting on the road, online streaming and downloading. Our superior 3G and 4G omni directional antennas provide a stronger connection to your Telstra, Optus or Vodafone mobile network to provide you with internet where the competition is unable to connect.

The VanConnect also incorporates WiFi 5, four times faster WiFi compared to anything else on the market. A must when streaming High Definition movies to multiple devices, or using Netflix or other online streaming services in your caravan. Our superior WiFi 5 antennas provide a faster, more stable and further reaching WiFi network for you to enjoy.

The VanConnect is also a media streaming device. Connect a USB storage device with our 10x faster USB data transfer port, and stream High Definition movies to multiple devices.

The VanConnect is upgradable to 5G without having to buy a whole new unit.



Turn your caravan TV in a Smart TV and multimedia hub

The cowfish VanPlayer turns your caravan TV into a full blown Media Player. Powered by Android TV, the VanPlayer gives your TV the smarts to connect to the internet and stream your favourite content from Binge, Netflix, Disney+, Prime, Google TV, YouTube and other online streaming providers.

Going into the bush, knowing that you wont have internet? Not a problem. You can download your favourite shows from Netflix onto the VanPlayer and watch them later, even when you are offline.

You can also play movies and music from a USB storage device directly plugged into the VanPlayer, or even stream it over your wireless network with the cowfish VanConnect system. Use Apple AirPlay or Android Screen Mirror to stream videos or just mirror the screen of your Phone, iPad or Android Tablet. It is all possible with the VanPlayer.

With the Google Play Store pre-installed you are able to download your favourite apps and lightweight games. Ideal for keeping you and the kids entertained on those rainy days.
Add the Keyboard and GamePad controller to make playing games even better. The keyboard comes with a mouse track pad for easy navigation and the keyboard enables you to type so much easier and faster, an excellent option if you want to connect your facebook account, online blog etc.



Take the hard work out of getting a TV signal

The cowfish VanTenna is the next generation of caravan TV antennas. This antenna provides you with reception for FM radio and TV signal from every angle, regardless of the direction your Caravan or Motorhome is parked in. No need to wind up an antenna and attempt to point it into the direction of the best signal, only to find out that you can’t get half the channels due to poor signal strength. No need to wind it down in bad weather or storms and no breaking of the antenna when travelling over corrugated roads as there are no hinges or moving parts. Simply turn the unit on and scan for TV channels on your TV. The VanTenna does all the work for you.
The VanTenna is specifically designed to be compatible with HDTV signal in Australia (DVB-T) and AM/FM radio. At only 30cm high, the VanTenna is the same height as most caravan air-conditioning units. The VanTenna also comes with a built in high gain and low noise amplifier. This amplifier has a highly advanced 3G/4G/5G filter to provide clean, super low noise HD picture and sound quality. The VanTenna enables you to receive more free local TV channels with an enhanced reception range and provides better quality signal over conventional caravan TV antennas.

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