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Cowfish Technologies pty ltd was founded in 2021 by a young family travelling Australia.

As we are a family that loves to explore all aspects of what our beautiful country has to offer, we embarked on a lap around Australia. We realised that throughout our exploration of the bush and beach, we still needed to connect to the rest of the world. The kids required internet access for their schooling and some entertainment and we required to stay in connection with our work, colleagues and relatives. Unfortunately, it became apparent to us that there were no quality products on the market that could accommodate to the needs of a family on the move. Poor reception and slow internet speeds from the system that we used to have, led us to develop our own hardware to suit the remoteness and vast expanse of Australia. After using our newly developed hardware solutions on our trip, we decided to share these products with you for the growing need of Australians to be connected when travelling.


We owe our success ultimately to one key factor: we love what we do. We are passionate about supplying great products, offering them to our customers at unbeatable prices, and providing outstanding customer support.

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