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Starlink Integration Kit

Combine Starlink and the VanConnect for the Ultimate Caravan Internet Solution

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The perfect solution for powering your Starlink Dishy whilst on the road.

Designed specifically for use in Caravans, Motorhomes and RVs, the Cowfish Starlink Integration Kit allows you to operate your Starlink Dish from your 12V battery system, ensuring reliable and consistent connectivity even in the most remote locations.  The Starlink Integration Kit removes the requirement to run an inverter to power the Starlink System but instead powers the Dish directly for your caravan battery.


The 12V Integration Kit does not only cater for those that do not have an inverter, it also uses less power compared to a conventional 240V inverter setup powering the Dishy and the Starlink router. This reduction in power usage allows you to stay off grid for longer.

The Integration Kit links the Starlink Dish to the VanConnect system, giving you all the benefits of the VanConnect over the original Starlink router. The Starlink router is limited in its features and capabilities. By using the VanConnect system you more than double your WiFi coverage, as well as gaining more advanced features for network security, monitoring and data management. The end result; a complete 12 volt system with a further reaching and faster WiFi network, an integrated media centre, and for the VanConnect 4G and 5G models an additional option to connect to the internet through 4G/5G internet fallback.


Through this setup, you are able to pause your Starlink service whilst in a good 4G/5G coverage area. This allows you to save money and benefit from a more cost effective internet connection utilising the 4G and 5G networks.

When operating on 4G/5G internet, there is also no additional setup required. No need to set the Starlink dish up outside and ensure you have a clear view of the Southern sky. You are also able to use the 4G/5G internet connection whilst in motion, something that is not possible through the standard Starlink service.

If 4G/5G internet fallback is not required there is the option to use the VanConnect Zero instead of the VanConnect 4G or VanConnect 5G. The VanConnect Zero is the perfect Caravan WiFi solution for those that require a 12 volt WiFi system, but do not need 4G or 5G capabilities. The Zero incorporates the same WiFi features that you are used to from the VanConnect 4G and VanConnect 5G, without the extra price tag.


Simply turn to Starlink through the integrated system. You only need to have a single WiFi router, saving on space and weight by leaving the Starlink router at home. Simplify your setup by operating your entire setup from 12 volt and not having to configure two WiFi units and needing to remember multiple WiFi passwords and configurations.


The VanConnect systems are preconfigured to accept an internet connection from Starlink through the Cowfish Starlink Integration Kit. There is no additional setup or configuration required. Simply connect the hardware and the VanConnect will utilise the Starlink internet connection when available. When Starlink is not connected or turned off, the VanConnect 5G and VanConnect 4G automatically switch over to 4G/5G internet.

The Starlink Integration Kit consists of the Cowfish 12V Dishy Power Supply and one of the two connection options available. 

Cowfish 12V Dishy Power Supply

At the heart of the Starlink Integration Kit lies the Cowfish 12V Dishy Power Supply. This Dishy Power Supply has an input voltage of 12 volt and powers the Starlink Dish, allowing the unit to operate without the need of the Starlink router and access to 240 volt.

The Dishy Power Supply is wired into your caravan 12 volt power supply. Power to the Dish is than supplied via the ethernet port on the Dishy Power Supply, through one of the connection options listed below. The second ethernet port connects directly to VanConnect system and makes the Starlink internet connection available via the VanConnect WiFi network. Through this setup you will still be able to communicate and monitor the Dishy terminal utilising the Starlink App.

Starlink Integration Kit

With the integrated on/off switch on the Dishy Power Supply you can turn the Starlink Terminal off when not in use, and save power, whilst still having the VanConnect on for data transfer over the local network.

The Dishy Power Supply requires up to 10A at 12V to ensure sufficient power is available during start-up of the Starlink Dish. It is important that a minimum of 14 AWG cabling is used to supply power to the Integration Kit.

The two connection options for the Starlink Dish

The Starlink Dish does not utilise a standard ethernet connector (called an RJ45) but a proprietary connector at the end of the cable. Therefor the Dish is unable to directly connect to any other network devices apart from the Starlink router. However, the Starlink router requires 240V and only has very limited WiFi functionality, so upgrading from the Starlink router is crucial.

starlink router

We have developed two unique ways to connect your Starlink Dish to the VanConnect, ranging from a full weatherproof external connector, to an in-line adapter for those that do not want to cut the Starlink cable

Option A: Weatherproof external connection

By far the most secure and robust connection to power your Dish whilst on the road. This option incorporates a weatherproof connection point for on the outside of your caravan. The connection point has an integrated cap and is rated IP65, meaning weatherproof and dust proof. This connection point can be mounted either on the outside wall of the caravan, or in the tunnel boot or media hatch, allowing for easy access to connect the Starlink Dish, without the need to leave the caravan doors or windows open.

wall mount 1.png

A specialised connector is installed on the end of your Starlink cable, providing a full weatherproof connection on the outside of your caravan. Wind, rain or hail, you can leave the Dish cable plugged in and enjoy the internet, without risking water getting into the electronics or getting inside your caravan.

weatherproof kit

The Starlink connector is changed over to our propriety connector for a sturdy and weatherproof solution.

The connector clicks in place with our unique mounting mechanism, giving you the security of knowing that the connector will not unintentionally come away.


The Starlink cable requires to be cut for this option and our connector secured at the end of the cable. In order to install the new connector at the end of the Starlink cable, a standard RJ45 crimp tool is required.

We also include the components to make a patch cable, allowing you to still connect the dish to the Starlink router, should you wish to do so.

weatherproof kit

Option B: Starlink Adapter for the non cable cutters

For those who are unwilling to cut the Dishy cable, the Starlink to RJ45 Adapter has been developed. This option is our tool free, hassle-free conversion. No need to cut the cable and no need to install any special connectors. Simply plug the Starlink cable into the adapter and turn on the Cowfish 12V Dishy Power Supply.


The Starlink adapter converts the proprietary Starlink connector to a standard shielded RJ45 connection, allowing for the Dish to be connected directly to the Cowfish Starlink Integration system.


The adapter is not weatherproof and should therefor be used whilst running the Dish cable into the tunnel boot, media hatch or similar enclosure of your caravan.

With this adapter there is no requirement to modify the Starlink cable in order to use it with our Cowfish 12V Dishy Power Supply.


When the Dish is connected, the VanConnect will automatically use Starlink for the active internet connection. When the Starlink Dish is not connected, or the Starlink Integration Kit is turned off, the VanConnect will operate in 4G/5G mode.

Starlink Integration Kit

Invest now for the ultimate internet solution in your caravan or motorhome

Starlink Integration Kit

The Starlink Integration Kit contains the following;

Option A:

  • Cowfish 12V Dishy Power Supply

  • Weatherproof wall connector

  • Weatherproof male plug

  • Patch cable connector

  • 3x RJ45 feed through plug (crimp on)

  • 0.4 metre ethernet cable (12V Dishy Power Supply to VanConnect)

  • 1.0 metre or 6.0 metre ethernet cable (12V Dishy Power Supply to Weatherproof wall connector)


Option B:

  • Cowfish 12V Dishy Power Supply

  • Starlink to RJ45 Adapter

  • 0.4 metre ethernet cable (12V Dishy Power Supply to VanConnect)

  • 1.0 metre or 6.0 metre ethernet cable (12V Dishy Power Supply to Starlink/RJ45 Adapter)


Power cable for Cowfish 12V Dishy Power Supply not included. Minimum 14 AWG cable required and correctly fused. Installation by a certified auto electrician is advised. The Integration Kit is not compatible with Gen 1 or Gen 3 Dishies.

VanConnect system is sold separately.

Starlink Dishy not included​ and an active Starlink subscription is required. Don't have Starlink yet? Order your dish here and get 1 month free.

Technical Specifications

  • 10/100/1000 Mbps

  • Input: 12V at 10 Amp

  • Output: 48V at 2.5 Amp

  • Maximum rated power: 120 Watt

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