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Outback Antenna for VanConnect

Outback Antenna for VanConnect

SKU: ant-004

The VanConnect Outback Antenna package consists of state of the art, high gain directional antennas, specifically designed for the Caravans and Camping industry. This antenna design is unparalleled and gives you the best internet reception, while travelling around Australia.


Staying connected to the internet provides peace of mind, keeping you in contact our loved ones, share experiences, research your next destination, as well as making sure you stay on-top of the latest sports and entertainment via streaming television. In remote locations it can be more difficult to acquire a good 4G or 5G signal and an external antenna becomes a crucial piece of equipment.


The VanConnect Outback antenna is the perfect solution for getting a strong 5G or 4G signal. Directional antennas are more powerful than omni directional, but there are different types of directional antennas available, and their performance varies. Panel antennas only provide a marginal increase over a quality high gain omni directional antenna. That is why we have designed the VanConnect Outback antenna that maximises your reception capability and far exceeds any panel antenna’s capability. The sturdy design, technical innovation and world class performance means that travellers can now travel to many more remote locations, while staying connected to reliable 4G or 5G internet.


The VanConnect Outback antenna work with both the VanConnect 4G and the VanConnect 5G. The VanConnect 4G Outback Antenna consists of a single set of LPDA elements and the VanConnect 5G Outback Antenna consists of two sets of LPDA elements.

The LPDA element is suitable for 3G, 4G & 5G networks as it can operate on 698-960MHz and 1710-3800MHz and it has a staggering 11DBi gain.


The antenna requires to be mounted on a pole, which is included in the package. This pole is a custom made 5.1m anodised aluminium telescopic pole, with quick release latches for a super quick setup and easy antenna mounting/dismounting. The pole is secured into a galvanised bracket that can be mounted anywhere on the draw bar or rear bumper bar of your caravan.

The VanConnect Outback LPDA antenna comes with 8 metres of premium outdoor low-loss cable to connect your antenna to the external antenna points. These antenna points are N-type fittings, for easy connection and disconnection, whilst at the same time providing an excellent protection against dust and rain.


  • What's in the box

    Outback Antenna for VanConnect 4G model

    • 2x LPDA antenna elements
    • 1x antenna mounting bracket
    • 1x 8.0 metre long, external 2-in-1 antenna cable
    • 2x 0.6 metre long, internal to external antenna cable with dust caps
    • 1x telescopic pole
    • 1x pole mounting bracket


    Outback Antenna for VanConnect 5G model

    • 4x LPDA antenna elements
    • 2x antenna mounting bracket
    • 1x 8.0 metre long, external 4-in-1 antenna cable
    • 4x 0.6 metre long, internal to external antenna cable with dust caps
    • 1x telescopic pole
    • 1x pole mounting bracket
  • Technical Specifications

    • LPDA antennae
      • Operating range: 698-960MHz, 1710-3800MHz
      • Gain: 11dBi
    • Premium low-loss cables
      • External cable length: 8 metres
      • Internal cable length: 0.6 metre
    • Aluminium telescopic pole
      • 1.9m collapsed
      • 5.1m fully extended
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