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The Outback Antenna

An Add-On for your VanConnect system
Australia’s most powerful 4G and 5G caravan internet antenna

Australia is a beautiful and vast country, as well as the only country in the world that is also a continent. With approximately 25 million inhabitants spread over more than 7.5 million square kilometres, mobile phone coverage is unfortunately not always the best in the more remote regions of our country. However, with our directional Outback Antenna you can get a fast, stable, and reliable 4G and 5G internet connection in more of Australia’s Outback than ever before.

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The VanConnect 4G and 5G premium packages come standard with our high gain omni directional antenna. This is an excellent choice for most customers, as it offers a great range, allows the VanConnect to be used in motion, and requires no additional setup when you get to camp. Omni directional antennas receive signal equally from all directions and this means that you do not have to rotate and aim the antenna in the direction of the broadcasting tower. Omni directional antennas can also receive signal from multiple broadcasting towers at the same time. Something that is not possible with a directional antenna. In short, an omni directional antenna is more versatile and a lot simpler to use.

Travelling through Australia’s Outback however, you sometimes need something a bit more powerful. This is where our directional Outback Antenna comes in.


Directional antennas point their power in a specific direction. In this direction, they can detect a weaker or more distant signal than most equivalent omni directional antennas, meaning a better overall reception.


Better reception does not only mean that you get a stable internet connection, it also means that your internet speeds are significantly improved, as internet speed is proportional to the signal strength and quality.

The Cowfish Outback Antenna features an array of state of the art, high gain directional antennas, specifically designed for the Caravans and Camping industry. It is the first ever 4×4 MIMO 5G/4G antenna array with exceptional performance. This is due to the incorporation of advanced antenna technology and a new configuration which has proven to yield exceptional improvements in bandwidth and gain. This antenna design is unparalleled and gives you the best 4G and 5G internet reception, while travelling around Australia.

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The antenna is suitable for all Australian 3G, 4G & 5G networks, as it can operate on all the frequencies used in Australia. This gives the unit national coverage as it supports all Australian carriers, such as Telstra, Optus, Boost, Vodafone and more.


The exceptional wideband performance is an important factor for 5G/4G technologies, as these technologies rely on features such as Carrier Aggregation (CA) to provide the best possible reception and throughput over multiple frequency bands simultaneously. This makes the Cowfish Outback Antenna the go-to solution for current and future 5G/LTE antenna deployments.

The Outback Antenna works with both the VanConnect 4G and the VanConnect 5G. The VanConnect 4G Outback Antenna consists of a single set of LPDA elements and the VanConnect 5G Outback Antenna consists of two sets of LPDA elements. The antenna has a staggering 11DBi gain, giving you internet access in destinations previously unreachable with other 4G/5G hardware. The Cowfish Outback Antenna is the most powerful, best in class, high gain directional antenna system available.

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VanConnect 5G Outback Antenna

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VanConnect 4G Outback Antenna

The antenna requires to be mounted on a pole, which is included in the package. This pole is a custom made anodised aluminium telescopic pole, collapsing down to 1.9 metres for storage in the tunnel boot of your caravan and extending to 5.1 metres for the best reception. The quick release latches make for a super quick setup and packup.

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The antenna mounting and dismounting is made easy with a special mounting plate and holder, that securely slides over and latches in place on the end of the telescopic pole. 

The pole is secured in place through a galvanised bracket that can be installed anywhere on the draw bar or rear bumper bar of your caravan.

You can even use your existing jockey wheel bracket, as our telescopic pole is 46mm in diametre and will fit in most caravan jockey wheel brackets

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pole 3.png

The VanConnect Outback Antenna comes with 8 metres of premium outdoor cable to connect your antenna to the external antenna points. These external antenna points are stainless steel N-type fittings, for easy connection and disconnection, whilst at the same time providing excellent protection against dust and rain.

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Purchase Australia’s most powerful 4G and 5G caravan internet antenna now!

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Technical Specifications

  • LPDA antennae

    • Operating range: 698-960MHz, 1710-3800MHz

    • Gain: 11dBi

  • Premium low-loss cables

    • External cable length: 8 metres

    • Internal cable length: 0.6 metre

  • Aluminium telescopic pole

    • 1.9m collapsed

    • 5.1m fully extended

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